This page is to contain the very last known words that a villain ever said, commonly before their death.

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Not is time yet
~ Kenneth Max before the S-D bomb falls in the campus of Hackers from knowed world

Star Wars: The Revenge of the Evil Spirit — Vol. 1 Edit

Darth Rednax: YOU! (activates his double-bladed lightsaber and point it at Rey Skywalker) You should've done that easy. And now, I will destroy you for what you have done!
Xander Shelton: (activates his lightsaber)
Darth Rednax: (turns his head to his archenemy)
Rey Skywalker: Your corrupting influences ends now.
Darth Rednax: (turns his head back to Rey as she activates her lightsaber) Why don't you idiots DIE?!
~ Darth Rednax accusing Rey Skywalker for turning Darth Vader from the past back to the light side, and also his last words before his lightsaber duel with Xander and Rey Skywalker until his death by Xander Shelton.
Impressive... Mostly impressive... You could have defeated the evil counterparts I created. (Xander Shelton: What? Impressive? Who you called this "impressive" for what we did? Now, Satan, your schemes have failed.) Well, isn't it? Perhaps I am the evil counterpart creator. It's time to die for you (activates his cross-bladed firesaber) here and now.
~ Emperor Satan before getting kicked into the void to his death by Xander Shelton.


~ Pepper Satanica's last words right before being destroyed by Mina Rintakahana.

Live Action TV ShowsEdit

Crime around the city Edit

Since I meet Juanito I know he try to put me a trap, but I never though I would fall
~ Pedro Nabajas before Miss Tramantino shoot him in the head
I have have ¡failled!? but how? nooho
~ Juanito Alimanya when the officer Hubrik goes and leves him alone
Well you know about this... Under one of the boards is a notebook you must to do all that is written there
~ Mister Delta to his son just before dead

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This is seriusly, all that preparation and you won't to try to hurt me at least, you are a complete uselees. I would to have kill myself
~ Winter King before committing suicide

Video GamesEdit


~ Ringmaster as he charges at Graham Miller right before being crushed to death by falling rubble

Good WolfEdit

Wrath of the WaterfallsEdit

Is that....
~ Maovesa noticing that the figure from afar is Temperantia, just before she throws her unicorn horn knife at his chest, instantly killing him.
I wanted to reform and start over, that's why I quit. So please Ciar, keep on fighting. You can't let Luxuria separate us by like this, please keep fighting for me. And.....tell Hummie I think he's a swell wolf.
~ Shamira begging Ciar to continue fighting with Howlers as she slowly died afer her sacrifice (this being before she was resurrected by Ciar's mermaid wish)

Assassins with HeartsEdit

Innocent Children Cannot Die!
~ Margaretta Hargrave attempting to choke Temperantia and escape, before Temperantia quickly saw through her and stabbed her in right shoulder, letting fall down the pigs' house's chimney.
No one will believe you! I am a princess! (Temperantia: Princess or Not, You're no true one!) NOOOO!!!!!!
~ Princess Suna yelling at Temperantia right before the vengeful wolf stabs her in the chest

The Forgotten KingdomEdit

Take it! Stop them! And tell my family....I'm sorry.
~ Mama Yitta dying from her injury after Dace axed her in the right shoulder while defending Hummie and Qistina

Back to The Gin MillEdit

The Search for MuracoEdit

The SpellEdit

Hex of Howling FieldsEdit

Becoming The OmegaEdit

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SPAGHETTI! Ha-ha-ha-hah!
~ Ztar as he is sucked into the portal, while reverting back to his Toad form one last time
Goodbye, cruel world.
~ Grand Dad as he falls through the portal to the Bootleg Dimension
You better win Splatfest for me, okay?
~ Desti to Meggy Spletzer before she dies from her stab wounds
I didn't mean no harm!
~ Francis before getting zucced to death by one of his ink zuccers
What's wrong? Tired already? That all you got?
~ Leader mocking Meggy just seconds before she is beaten by her


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Cartoons Edit

Elmore Edit

What are you doing fools?, go there and help me
~ Esteban Kalgor while is attacked by bees

Helmet Search Edit

Personal, this is a order that I really understand
~ Turbo Knuckles in his last appearance

Mystic Metropolis Edit

The pain of Perfection Edit

By making you suffer i helped you feel something, i helped you feel anger. from that anger you gained desire, desire to slay me. you went on a quest to do it and you met friends, friends that helped you feel joy. Don't you see Mary? By making you see red i prevented your world from becoming grey!
~ King's final speech to mary sue before being eviscerated

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And is almost sure that it don't is related, but I really love my gun
~ Carl ending his song
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