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Villains' Defeats are a series of events that result in a villain's defeat or death. This can be occurred in the climax or even in flashback in the fictions where they appeared. If the villain is unable to cope with their defeat, this will likely lead to their Villainous Breakdown.





Star Wars: The Revenge of the Evil Spirit film duology

  • Volume 1:
    • Xer Pettingill / Darth Pettingill is Force-pushed into Rednax Notlehs / Darth Rednax by Jaxon Borsellino, who almost lost his balance after kicked in the face by Xander Shelton, leading the two fall into the void to their defeat.
    • Emperor Satan / Darth Devil of the Satanic Sith Order is kicked into the void to his defeat by Xander Shelton.
  • Volume 2:
    • Emperor Satan's outer form of the Satanic Sith Order is stabbed to death and dark explosion by Rey Skywalker and Xander Shelton with their lightsabers. The Satanic Sith Order is also destroyed upon Satan's darkest death explosion as a result.


Live-Action / TV


Action Jaxon: The TV Series
  • Lord Blademan of the Golden Armor Demons is destroyed by Xander Shelton in the third season finale. It results in the Golden Armor Demons being turned into dust leading the heroes' victory.

Video Games

Five Nights at Candy's

  • RAT presumably burns to death in a fire which burns down the Rowboatics Corp. factory, along with the other animatronics.


  • Ringmaster is crushed to death by falling debris in the burning Clownbert's Deluxe restaurant, finally deleting him for good.

Paper Mario: The Origami King V2

  • Gami's eye is shattered by Mario with the Max-Fold Arms, completely eradicating him.

Web Animation


Meta Runner

  • Lucks is accidentally shot dead by Masa Shimamoto, when the latter's cyborg arm is hijacked by Dr. Sheridan.


  • Ztar is pulled into a portal along with Good Star, never to be seen again.
  • Grand Dad is banished back to the Bootleg Dimension. Mario destroys the painting which leads to the dimension, preventing Grand Dad from escaping.
  • Francis is trapped in an ink zuccer by Saiko Bichitaru, sucking all the life out of him. He is further killed in the destruction of Anime Island.
  • Leader loses the final splatfest to Meggy Spletzer, much to her anger.
  • SMG3 is banished to the Internet Graveyard, where he is mauled by a Ugandan Knuckles.

TheGamerLover's Mematic Universe

  • Murakumo Zero plunges into the fiery pit, meeting his fate upon physical contact.
  • Zamasu is eaten alive by Kanna Kamui.
  • Kira Yoshikage is shredded and dragged alive by many death hands.
  • Rowan Trickster is killed by Ruby Rose.
  • Schwarz Metzelei is killed by Yang Xiao Long and then her remains were cooked and eaten by Ruby's group.
  • Team CRDL is killed by Jaune Arc and Pyrrha Nikos.
  • Most of the DeviantArt Alcremies are eaten alive by a morbidly obese Yang Xiao Long and a hungry Nora Valkyrie.
  • Android 21 is accidentally eaten alive by Celica Ayatsuki Mercury when she confused her popped figure with a gum.
  • Yuuki Terumi/Susanoo is killed in battle by Ragna the Bloodedge and Jin Kisaragi/Hakumen.

Web Videos

Scott The Woz

  • Mr. Bandwidth is killed in the destruction of the internet.
  • The Anti-Gex implodes upon being hit by Scott with a copy of Gex: Enter The Gecko.
  • Officer Steel Wool is sentenced to death after being tricked into admitting his murder spree.

Western Animation

Clad: Turned in human by Chumo and Deef, when Dan Sumosky break his brainwashing, later the true chad shoot him to secure that he won't atemp of become magic again

Researching in Elmore

  • Hazard: Disolved after Brown's aparent death
    • Principal Brown: After the disolving of Hazard is obligued to work as janitor in Embeld Inc. for pay the doubt of Hazard


TAWoG: The Traveler

  • Arachnite: Gumball kills it after get out the organ that permite to it regenerate, presumibly releasing the souls of it's victims.
  • Robot of Calisto: After Anais explote the hause where the robot was, it lose his armor and is easily killed by Anais by stapping it.

Tobias Wilson (Life Cut Short): Brutally stapped by Penny in revenge for kill her friends. Later Alan reveals his acts to the police.




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