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The Moral Event Horizon, or MEH for short, refers to an action by a villain that is so vile that it usually eliminates the audience's sympathy for the villain and makes it clear that they are unrepentantly evil and are almost irredeemable.



The Punkettes

  • Pepper Satanica: She destroyed an entire planet, only because she was bored.



Star Wars: The Revenge of the Evil Spirit film duology

  • Emperor Satan sadistically tortures evil souls with dark lightning and flames from hands before mass murdering them. He creates Satanism, with the Demons and Evil Counterpart being first and followed by Satan's castle. After that, Satan takes up the Satanic Sith Lord name of Darth Devil.
  • After time-traveling through Revenge of the Sith before Obi-Wan's duel with Darth Vader, Rednax Notlehs / Darth Rednax corrupts Palpatine's Darth Vader over to the dark side of the Satanic Sith Order and then attempted to murder Obi-Wan Kenobi for his refusal to turn to the dark side.

Action Jaxon

The First Half
  • Emperor Satan, while in his inner form, kidnaps Blake with his creations. He then sadistically orders Rednax Notlehs to successfully corrupt Blake, the titular's brother, over to the dark side of Satanism with the Satanic Pill.
  • Rednax Notlehs corrupted Blake over to the dark side of Satanism with the Satanic Pill, ordered by Emperor Satan.
The Second Half
  • Golden Armor Demons:
    • Lord Blademan attempted to corrupt Jaxon Borsellino / Action Jaxon and his allies over to the dark side of Satanism or murder them all.

Video Games

Five Nights at Candy's

  • RAT attacks Mary Schmidt's younger brother out of sheer spite for Mary.



  • Ringmaster hijacks the Edgar The Elephant animatronic and crushes a child to death with it.

Web Animation

Dream SMP

  • Jschlatt forces Technoblade to publicly execute Tubbo.


  • Endy, Slendy and Tendy kill Boom the Friendly Creeper and taunt his allies about it.
  • Wrecker Kills the Rebel Leader's wife and son after promising he wouldn't before sparing the leader himself just to enjoy the sorrow.


  • William Afton: Kills five children at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria to vent his anger towards his son Michael.


  • Ztar: Sadistically destroys most of the Mushroom Kingdom and kills many innocent civilians.
  • Waluigi: Infects the majority of the Mushroom kingdom with the T-Pose virus.
  • Francis: Orders False Sephiroth to kill Desti, laughing sadistically at her death.
  • SMG3: Travel back in time and prevent the majority of SMG4's Gang from meeting Mario, therefore banishing them from existence.
  • Ernie: Crippled his brother and usurped him as king, during his time as king he did obstacle course contest, where everibody less the winner (always Ernie himself) were killed, this last well may do him the darkest villain in SMG4
  • Killer Ink Leader: Pushed Meggy down a pit, which almost killed her. However, this is debatable as a MEH because we don’t know if Meggy would’ve respawned.

TheGamerLover's Mematic Universe

  • Selvaria : With some help from Perfecti, used the "Selvaria Serum", transforming living creatures and inanimate objects into Waifus.
  • Murakumo: Lost his sanity and killed mostly innocent women intentionally mistaking them for THOTs. Even Killed Konoe's most important persons even in front of her.

Web Video (Live-Action)


  • The Invader: He killed two of his helpers. Definitely crosses the MEH when he kill Cadet Rodrigues with a poisoned knife.
  • Pedro Razende: He orders The Stalker to poison the pool with an unknowe sustance, this almost kill Ana.
  • The Stalker: He follows all the orders of Pedro.
  • Valron: He goes tought a forrest killing every wizard in his way.

Western Animation

The Traveller

  • The Doctor: Brainwashed Rob, also is implied that he was killed people in his experiments.


  • Bro: Killed Reaper and his parents when Reaper faced him for liying him and his friends.
  • DIO Vutuo: Comdemmned Rob to a fate worse tha the dead.


The Purple Crocodile

  • Professor Sinister: Sadistically kills his own parents.
  • Infyrnox: Massacres environmental protesters for being a roadblock between him and the bank he planned to rob.


  • Korthan: Destroyed many civilizations. He later blew up the Xorthus Acadamy of Magic, wich caused the death of many childrens.
  • Windsor: Unlawfuly do dangerous experiments with werewolves as test subjects.

The Bikini Bottom Horror

  • The Tortured One: Planned to kill everybody in the ocean even if they haven't eaten Krabby Patties.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: Gave Patrick an undercooked Krabby Patty knowing that it would make feel all the pain and lust of revenge of his clone, making him indirectly responsible of all the deaths caused by Patrick as The Tortured One.
  • Mr. Krabs: Mutilated a Patrick's clone during years to make Krabby Patties.



Age Of Wario

  • Bowser: Slaughters and eats his own children.
  • Fawful: Corrupts the Star Souls into the Dark Stars, using then to wreak havoc upon the universe.

Unnamed Kirby Fan Comic

  • Zero: Orders a Dark Matter kill everything in Pop Star, if well the Dark Matter failed, Zero however has the intention of do cataclysm.


Inkopolis Chaos (1 & 2)

  • Scarlet: Kidnaps Natalie and brutally tortures her by burning her, beating her and cutting her, while showing sadistic glee in it. Later on in the story, she threatens to cut Samuel and Natalie’s hearts out, and store them on her shelf.
  • Cyalux Clover: He kidnaps dozens of octolings, including Natalie and Katelin, and then captures Samuel and Luke (his childhood friends) aswell, puts them on a train and then sets the train to fall off its track and kill everyone on it. While the train was stopped, this was still an absolutely scumbag move.
  • Cyalux’s Brother: He stole a special weapon and framed Natalie for it, before going to try and mass murder octolings. He was luckily stopped by Ruby, who killed him. However, this one action of his caused pretty much all the events in both stories.

The Coldest Winter

  • Charles Eborock: Murders 12 or more people while out in the wilderness, one of those victims being his own sister, who helped him a lot.
  • Samantha Eborock: While not as bad as her brother, she still assists in killing people; Her worst is that she kills Lucy’s mother by snapping her neck, causing Lucy to go out in the wilderness alone, and she would’ve froze to death if she didn’t find Dominic.

Rethilor: A War of Sins and Virtues

  • Pride: As a human, he burns his entire families house down, killing everyone in it. Years later, he blows himself up, taking 19 people down with him. As Pride, he crosses even more lines. For starters, he kills the Virtue of Chastity. Not much later, he genocides the main town of Vicinus (and he genocided dozens of others). Finally, he tries to destroy heaven and cover the world in flames.


  • The Strangler: Killed his own family by burning them when he was younger.
  • Ryan Rhodes: Beating several freshmen to death with hammers.
  • Adrianna de la Santos: Killing sixty-eight people and keeping their skeletons as souvenirs.
  • Morliss: Eat several children to get stronger.


  • Maya Lootie: Killed Patrick Stark's family and taked the form of his daughter.
  • Yog-Sothoth: Killed Cthullu's mother and subject him to dangeorous and tortourus trainings, later forced him to kill all the Deep Ones because one of them betrayed him.
  • Dr. Moist: Being responsible of the extinction of his own species.


Francis has False Sephiroth kill Desti

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