The Moral Event Horizon, or MEH for short, refers to an action by a villain that is so vile that it usually eliminates the audience's sympathy for the villain and makes it clear that they are unrepentantly evil and are almost irredeemable.





HobbesTiger64's Star Wars Sequel TrilogyEdit

  • Ren enacts the Ren Vir, the galaxy-wide genocide of almost every force-sensitive being, upon becoming the ruler of the galaxy.

Star Wars: The Revenge of the Evil Spirit film duology Edit

  • Emperor Satan sadistically tortures evil souls with dark lightning and flames from hands before mass murdering them. He creates Satanism, with the Demons and Evil Counterpart being first and followed by Satan's castle. After that, Satan takes up the Satanic Sith Lord name of Darth Devil.
  • After time-traveling through Revenge of the Sith before Obi-Wan's duel with Darth Vader, Rednax Notlehs / Darth Rednax corrupts Palpatine's Darth Vader over to the dark side of the Satanic Sith Order and then attempted to murder Obi-Wan Kenobi for his refusal to turn to the dark side.

Action Jaxon Edit

The First Half Edit
  • Emperor Satan, while in his inner form, kidnaps Blake with his creations. He then sadistically orders Rednax Notlehs to successfully corrupt Blake, the titular's brother, over to the dark side of Satanism with the Satanic Pill.
  • Rednax Notlehs corrupted Blake over to the dark side of Satanism with the Satanic Pill, ordered by Emperor Satan.
The Second Half Edit
  • Golden Armor Demons:
    • Lord Blademan attempted to corrupt Jaxon Borsellino / Action Jaxon and his allies over to the dark side of Satanism or murder them all.

Video GamesEdit

Age Of WarioEdit

  • Bowser attacks Peach's Castle, killing Mario, Luigi, Toadette, and Waluigi, among many other victims, before taking over the entire world.
  • Fawful sadistically destroys the Beta Dimension, killing zillions of innocent victims.

Five Nights at Candy'sEdit

  • RAT kills the nightguard at Candy's Burgers & Fries and frames the Candy The Cat animatronics for it, resulting in Candy's Burgers & Fries being closed down and all the animatronics being recalled to the Rowboatics Corp. factory, where they would slowly fall into disrepair.



  • Ringmaster hijacks the Edgar The Elephant animatronic and crushes a child to death with it.

Web AnimationEdit


  • Endy, Slendy and Tendy kill Boom the friendly Creeper and taunt his allies about it.
  • Wrecker kills the Rebel Leader's wife and son after promising he wouldn't before sparing the leader himself just to enjoy the sorrow.


  • William Afton kills five children at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria to vent his anger towards his son Michael.


  • Ztar sadistically destroys most of the Mushroom Kingdom and kills many innocent civilians.
  • Waluigi infects the majority of the Mushroom kingdom with the T-Pose virus.
  • Francis orders False Sephiroth to kill Desti, laughing sadistically at her death.
  • Leader pushes Meggy down a pit near the end of the Splatstacle course, almost killing her.

Western AnimationEdit




Francis has False Sephiroth kill Desti

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